Design in 6 D

Just when you thought designing in 3D couldn't get any better, we've gone ahead and added three more D's to describe what we do and how.  The process yields measurable 
results at each phase. 

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              Our services are custom fit to the needs of the projects we undertake. We assign scope and resources         
                        in our proposals with an eye on the goals and schedule our clients provide.


- Design Research
- Market Analysis
- Human Factors and Usability research
- Competitive Analysis
- Qualitative & Quantitative data collection 
- Sustainability analysis
- Regulatory compliance

- Industrial design
- Sketches, illustrations, form studies
- Graphical User Interface design (GUI) 
- CAD and CAE
- Product Architecture and system work flow 
- Modeling, mock-ups and rapid prototyping

- Engineering, (both in house and resource partners)
- FMEA-Hazard Analysis 
- Documentation, prototype and production specifications
- Manufacturing liaison to domestic and overseas suppliers
- Tooling design support 
- Design for Manufacturing, Assembly & Service
- Vendor sourcing, qualification and pricing requests
- Specifications for color and finishing 
- Specifications for assembly

- Product Graphics: Logo and Identity integration
- Device Labeling (Cautions, warnings, instructional)
- Disposables Packaging

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