Disposable ‘‘Onescope’’ Laryngoscope device with enhanced INTEPROD/INSCOPE OneScopetechnology to facilitate the positioning and usability on patients in emergency situations. The device incorporates the functions of three devices into one compact and ergonomic solution. 

Inscope, an early stage medical device company through our technology and manufacturing partner, reached out to us to assist them in designing an optimal form and feel for this novel device. The embedded technology they sought to capture within proved challenging from a packaging standpoint and as a disposable, it had to consider cost and assembly.

We started with a supplied functional prototype. This enabled the team to quickly assess what technology components could be used and how to optimize the design to minimize parts, assembly and part complexities. Several iterations for a hand-held form were created using shapeable foam materials to quickly assess grip, flexion, positioning accuracy and sight lines. Performing this task requires a bit of precision and within a tight time frame. It was important that the device not hinder the physician’s ability to place the device as fast as possible to properly intubate a patient. Through the process of hands on research with medical users, a final design took shape and an optimized solution was born. 

Following our involvement with the product design we were asked to assist Inscope with the design of their marketing collateral using their developing brand. 


• Brand development
• Usability driven form and feature set
• Prototyping
• CAD development
• Marketing collateral 

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